Welcome to Brenda Stead Art

Welcome to my Art.

I have a love and fascination for history and what better way to look at history than at where people lived. Old Australian buildings – their construction, their histories and the lives of their former occupants hold a particular interest. By presenting the subject matter in black and white, the feeling of times past and the stories untold spring out from the page and one can really sense the struggle and determination of our hardy and resilient forebears. I also have a love of the land, especially the desert landscape and find a unique beauty in the vast apparent emptiness and the harsh, unforgiving conditions.

I have been fortunate to have spent time in the North East Goldfields region of Western Australia visiting the old mining towns, some still thriving, others mere ghost towns and all still wealthy in beauty and splendour.

There are also paintings from my holidays in Italy and France – on similar themes of historical architecture and times long past.

The paintings/drawings are presented in charcoal, pastel and watercolour media and while mostly black and white there are some in colour where the subject matter demands it.

I hope you, too, feel the essence of the paintings as you view them and that they give you pleasure.

All of the paintings are derived from photographs of the subject matter taken by me, so they are unique.

Just a quick word about the website – if you can’t see a painting straight away, just update the page and it will appear.


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